Update to latest Marlin

Many bug fixes in latest Marlin, you guys @VEL337 plan to update?

@Psycho We will evaluate it first.

Well, last firmware update is 9 month ago… How long do you evaluate? The firmware you share on Github doesn’t seem to be the one in use with the printer? I checked it, the configurations are empty. I wanted to update to marlin 1.1.9

Out of curiosity, are you encountering specific problems with your delta that you expect will be addressed by a reported bug fix? On one hand, new firmware can add new features and fix bugs, but it can also introduce new problems.

What improvements are you looking to get by doing this?

@Psycho the latest marlin release was 1 month ago. Previous version where rejected. Please also note there are people on holidays and we are developing other products at the same time.
But I’m confused by your remark about the configurations. They seem like filled in =)

I like things up to date, I want my things up to date. If they are not, I update them, because new firmware can maybe bring new bugs, but new firmwares in an open source world does fix things. My printer doesn’t recognize the SD card if it’s plugged in when turning the power on. My printer crashes in the bed if I cancel the print while it is bed leveling instead of going home as it should. My printer doesn’t sense a head rip off when it tries to travel outside of it’s allowed distance (like, wtf, it’s not even code secured the max travel???)

So yes, Marlin 1.1.9 brings lots of new things compared to this 9 month old firmware. It is written somewhere that maybe the delta will be updated. I totally understand that you are working on other things and some are on holidays since 9 months, but 9 months without a commit means dead to me. If you don’t have enough men power to sustain a project, I don’t understand the project in the first place?

Look, a coded constrain!

Too bad it’s in 1.1.7…

I would like to add that’s it’s a gigantic work to see what you did on the firmware, as you did not fork marlin or start on a marlin base, you pushed the entire firmware at once, making all the changes invisible on git

There is no need to be agitated about this. Personally, I was curious to know what improvements have been made available recently that you were seeking.

If you know (or have reason to believe) that a new firmware update will fix a problem you are having, or if it offers some new feature that you simply must have, great! But if you continually update your already-working printer for some vague reason, you should expect to spend more time tweaking your printer than actually using it to make things.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of firmware releases, you would do well to familiarize yourself with the handful of customizations that are needed for your printer. Even though Velleman have not generally documented these for you, it is usually not very difficult to determine the settings. If you are the type to do a lot of firmware updates, you should be armed with this basic level of familiarity with your printer.

I really don’t understand why your printer would be doing all of that.
Mine is running without a problem with the stock firmware out of the box.
Did you load firmware for a different machine?

Not at all :slight_smile: The second printer doesn’t, at least not the SD part. Never ever tried to cancel during bed leveling

@Dr_Vegetable I’m not getting agitated, but slightly “meh” about the support around a new printer. I’m used to communities where stuff move, where devs care, where users hack and improve. This here is a no man’s land. I’m not about running nightlies on my printers, or unstable master branch. But there’s a difference between cutting edge and 9 month old 5 version old firmware base. 9 month, in this branch, is the difference between new and deprecated.

First I can’t get spare parts in Switzerland. Then, I don’t get pdf plans of the parts, I need to have inventor 2018 to open the cad files in order to have draw out the plans to fabricate the parts. Then all I get, after complaining about the poor results in printing outer skins is a “too bad, this is normal behavior, we don’t give a crap” from the devs. Then I can’t get the diffs in the firmware because the devs uploaded the modified firmware on git without forking as advised by Merlin so we don’t see the diffs. Then I ask for an update and the only answer is: we rejected the updates and we are on holidays or doing other things. So this raises questions, sorry. If I’m bottering, just tell me, I’ll gladly leave and never be back, but I’ll just get rid of everything oem on the printer to make it run as I wish and guess many would also

Did you try to reload the original firmware to see if it would clear things up?
I know you say it’s old but it works (at least on my machine) this would tell you a lot.
Is it firmware or hardware.

No I didn’t try, though I should, as the second printer doesn’t seem to have those issues. Both are runnin 1.1.4. But I’ve linked a simple exemple of a needed fix that is included in marlin 1.1.7

I should have mentioned that on my K8200 I did hack it some (love this machine).
Not so much on my K8400.
The K8800 I don’t see anyplace to hack I mean there’s not a lot to do to it.

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There’s a lot to do…

  • Realign the steppers, as they are not properly aligned, leading to a belt missalignement
  • Belt tensionner for uniform belt tensions
  • Fix filament detection problems on some printers (other have been whining about it, the guide says: disconnect the sensor…)
  • Guide for the filament spool if you keep it on top. If not, the spool emptying, ther filament is scratching on the top plate. Ok with normal PLA, brakes wood PLA in some cases (a good start: A Filament Return pulley for Vertex Delta)
  • Move screen to top (optional, depends how/where you place your printers)
  • Belt guides for upper bearings

I think I forget some, should write them down

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I agree about the filament detection but I checked my filament and it is the filament not the printer. moving the screen… have no problem with it being on the bottom however it would be nice if it was on the top but I can live with that. I will probably end up running it on a PI with Octoprint like I do with my other 2. Filament guide once you get it done please share it once you are done.

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Have you seen my post about it? There’s accablant images of cold solder… No Velleman reaction…

Look at this:

This is flat… There’s no update, ever, on any firmware…

First, I personally resent your statement about the community here and users hacking and improving. I refer you to one of my earliest posts here in the Delta forum, or any of the half-dozen modifications I documented in the K8200 section. I am only one of many customers who contribute to the discussion here.

Second, I am not disagreeing with the need for bug fixes for the Delta, nor am I arguing against doing so if you wish to. I have noticed one or two anomalies that I suspect may be Marlin bugs. But I am not just going to blindly apply new firmware versions, hoping that they will magically cure my woes.

None of the flaws you have listed in the Delta are firmware issues. If you are asking Velleman why they haven’t yet updated to a new Marlin, I am asking you what value, specifically, you expect the new Marlin to deliver?

Yeah, that’s one upgrade. You can look down on my feelings, but this is the way I feel it here

Magic has nothing to do when reading changelogs… I have given one simple exemple of something that needs to be fixed and that is present in Marlin 1.1.7. But as the screenshot I linked shows that there’s absolutely no life in the git repositories once they have pushed a blinded initial commit, I’m not waiting on an update either