Update to latest Marlin

Can you please explain what that revision actually does? It doesn’t appear to be very well documented.

I certainly understand what you are saying about the value of using git, but nobody here can help you unless you say what it is you are trying to do.

I am not asking for help anymore, it’s not our job to upgrade a firmware where we don’t even have the changelogs.

The git link seems pretty self explanatory? It adds software safeties so the printer won’t exceed axes limits.

See how concerned Velleman seems to be about this discussion? As concerned as they were when I asked for spare parts, as concerned as they are when, after not being able to get spare parts I asked for machining plans for the parts, because I’m not rich enough to own Inventor 2018. As concerned they were when discussing the print quality. This is what I’m pointing out.

So yeah, for now I’m signing off this forum and off Velleman too. Imm do my own way, without anything to do with this. The mecanical part is one thing, the rest is easily replaced. As for the machining plans I found an engineer office that accepted to turn all the Inventor files into machining plan in pdf, so I’m ok for spare parts now.

BTW, everything is documented…

Ok, now I do see what the sparse, one-line documentation says about this change.

How are you getting the Delta to navigate outside of its cylinder? This sounds like a slicing issue first and foremost? I am still trying to understand what actual problem this change would resolve?

Lol, ok, there’s absolutely no changes made be Velleman, but a few configuration, suport for LCD and that’s about it… Nothing to brag about… This is a comparison between Velleman’s 1.1.4 and Marlin’s 1.1.4 on my own git repository



I got it to run outside of it’s radius by a firmware bug most likely, fixed by this commit I linked. I always make sure my pieces are no bigger than diameter 190 skirt included and centered.

Yes, that was kind of my point, originally. If you know enough about what you are doing to be installing beta firmware, diff-ing and applying the Velleman customizations is not difficult. That is the beauty of the Marlin firmware architecture.

EDIT: It doesn’t sound like you really know why or how you got your delta to go out-of-bounds? Can you share some g-code or something? How will you evaluate whether the patch fixes your problem?

There we go, complete changeset for those that want to know what is changed on Velleman’s firmware vs Marlin 1.1.4


Now updating to Marlin 1.1.9

@Dr_Vegetable BTW I’m not sure you are understanding my point. I’ll stop after this most prolly but:

  • Activity is showing life and dedication in an open source project
  • Having a 5 versions old firmware shows a non will to follow development.
  • You keep asking me for specific bugs, I gave you one simple. What does it matter, I have the fix already?
  • Marlin RELEASES, not beta as you keep saying. Their master branch is the alpha, users are building beta and devs push out RELEASES, such as 1.1.4 was and 1.1.9 currently is. 1.1.9 is tagged to be the last of 1.1.x. I’m asking for at least releases to be followed, because as you might have now read in the releases history, many new features were implemented and many bugs squashed, such as better coasting, you know, those pesky bubbles on the walls of your prints?

So for me that’s it, I have started to build my own firmware, will publish the repo link here for people that want the improvements. About the rest, well, as said the Vertex Delta is great, the support is lower than 0

Dear Psycho,

It was only about a week ago that you posted a glowing review of how great your first two months were with this printer, and how awesome the output quality is. Suddenly you’re in here ranting about how Velleman owe you constant software updates for an open source package?

You haven’t made a clear case for why this bug fix is so urgent to you, or should be to anyone else. I have not seen this behavior in my printer, I haven’t seen other people complain about it, and you yourself haven’t explained what problem you are experiencing. If you expect a vibrant developer community here, and you expect the company to share your urgency, you need to tell us what the actual problem is.

You made an oblique reference to having your printer somehow go out of bounds, but I haven’t seen you describe what you were doing or what you were printing at the time. You haven’t given the folks at Velleman, (or any of the community members here) any way to reproduce your issue, and you don’t seem to have a plan to determine whether updating your firmware actually addresses any issue.

I question your methodology. If you don’t know how you made it happen, you cannot evaluate whether the new firmware fixes it!

If you have a real-world scenario where this bug could affect all of us, I would appreciate if you would actually share those details with the community. And if you don’t have that, then admit that you are simply grasping at straws, applying patches because the description fits a symptom you think you might have seen.

Velleman have delivered a more than functional product. As a company, they need to balance your desire for cutting-edge features against the basic goal of providing a stable product. Unless there is a compelling reason for them to promote a new firmware update, it only creates extra work and confusion for all of their customers. You haven’t made a case for why this patch is necessary.

So good luck with your printer. I hope you will continue to contribute to this community and share your experiences. I am sure you will learn a lot, now that you have started looking at the code.

There’s a difference between “constant” and 9 month…

Unless there is some compelling reason to update firmware, it could be ten years old.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” - Ancient Proverb.

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If you look at Marlin’s updates, quite many features are/were broken. You have your theory, I have mine. Fine

Re the article about the printer, it’s true, the mechanical part of it is brilliant, and with a little fiddling everything is just great, this, with the fact that Velleman doesn’t want to sell spare parts to Switzerland, made me buy a second one.

The problem imo is in the rest. You check life by looking for a heartbeat.

I agree with the Doctor.
I have not had any of the issues you are talking about.
As far as constant firmware updates look at your car how often does the MFG put out updates for the the firmware there. Personally I think the K8800 is an excellent machine.
Spare parts you should talk to the dealer that you purchased the printer from.
Velleman can not make them buy these parts that is up to the distributor.

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A car and a printer is not exactly the same… I don’t care, I have updated the firmware already to latest Marlin

As for the spare parts, you know that they have an online shop, don’t you?

Just giving you an option to get the parts you want.
No they are not exactly the same but the same in principle

Still not really… You won’t have the last word, trust me. If you don’t see the benefits of updating when reading the Marlin changeset, well, dunno what to do.

By the way, Tesla gets updated pretty often… Just to say…

I have a feeling your right.
This whole conversation is hopeless.
The only thing I can tell you is I am very happy and impressed with all of my machines you are the only one having these issues.
I’m done!

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Sick and tired of waiting, I made it: https://github.com/Psychokiller1888/Vertex-Delta-Firmware/releases/tag/v0.2_alpha


  • Better calibration
  • Vibration handling
  • Soft endpoints
  • Fixed under extrusion
  • Better menu with more options
  • Smoother movements on corners
  • Smoother homing
  • Changed filament loading procedure as the “about 3cm” was just meh
  • Official custom bootscreen
  • Different filaments loading


  • Velleman mentions
  • Some Velleman deprecatd modifications


  • Support for heating bed
  • Better menu
  • Better settings menu that allows editing calibration and bed leveling
  • Bug fixes


  • Printing
  • Print pause
  • Print resume
  • Filament load
  • Filament unload
  • Filament change during print
  • SD card printing
  • Octoprint printing
  • Calibration
  • Bed leveling

You only are responsible for using this firmware

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Super! Hope to find some spare time during the weekend to have a look…

Cool, I will test it asap!

Thank you for sharing this! I have downloaded it, and will try it out.

It isn’t immediately clear from the documentation, but is this a branch of the Velleman source, or did you go back to the mainline Marlin repository? Can you tell us more about your enhancements?

Looks like some nice work!

This is not a branch of Velleman, it’s fresh from Marlin sources.

Enhancements are all listed in releases from Marlin 1.1.4 to 1.1.9. One of the big thing is better future computation leading to much smoother movements, leading to much better print quality. I also fixed the under extrusion caused by miscalulculation in Velleman’s coding of the extruder feedrate leading to about 4-5% under extrusion. Calibrating is using more points and bigger surface for a better calibration as well as bed leveling uses more points and stabilisation for piezos before probing for better accuracy when probing. Soft endpoints prevents your printer to try to go to an out of limits position thus preventing head detachement.

There’s still work to be done, but this prints already nicely, I got down to a x/y +0.01mm accuracy and -0.03mm on z on a 30x30x30mm cube test print. Surface feels much smoother due to Marlin fixing calculations and the extruding correction.

It’s working, but report your bugs or thoughts and needs on my git repo, I’ll listen and fixes whatever needs to