VM8201 LCD board download files

Hi, Just received my LCD display an need to download the files needed to run it. Seems like I have got a V1 motherboard. What files do I have to download and in what order. I would appreciate the files as links and if possible some form of user manual / operating instructions for the VM8201. Thanks


Instructions for the Firmware upgrade can be found here.

Hi crash69,

the VM8201 assembly instructions pdf has all infos you need:


(The V2 firmware is available on the same page.)


Also when you connect in Repetier, the little log window will still say you have the V1 firmware, even if you install the V2 firmware. Someone forgot to change the version string. You could do it yourself before compiling if you wish (unless someone’s changed it since I last downloaded it)

It’s still Marlin V1. But here at velleman its our V2 that supports the LCD. V2 doesn’t mean the marlin version