Too much filament during infills

Dear Forum,
I have a question about the settings of the K8400. For small infills, say 5x5mm, too much filament is applied so that a so-called cushion formation occurs. If the nozzle goes back there or has to be passed over it, the nozzle will hit the cured one
raised section and the bed gets a knock. How can you arrange this properly?
If I want to print very fine, so with a 0.10mm thickness an extra pore arises here, the nozzle pushes the filament aside, so to speak, so that a back of PLA is created. After 1 time it is not too bad but several times it becomes untenable and I have to stop.
Also the “hair” during the transport of the nozzle is very irritating, it spoils the print very much.
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take a look at this.

Dear Oli76,
I have read this and this goes very deeply into that with microsteps. I will read this again but I understand that this is too little filament and I have the reverse has too much filament. In the settings of Slic3r I have everything on default.
The nozzle diameter is 0.35 mm.
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Check these settings.
Slic3r seting

Dear Oli76,
That is completely different than I use as standard.

I will try this out and come back to it later.
Thanks for the comment.
Greetings Auke

But according to the nozzle diameter 0.35 and layer thickness it should be 175% for .02mm and 350% for 0.1mm. For the first layer + - 10-15%. (Depending on the level of the bed)

The problem I initially mentioned that when filling in the planes, more filaments are deposited than necessary so that “cushion” formation occurs. Do I have to reduce the percentage at Infill: or Solid infill:?

Solid infil.

Add % after 15 (I personally set 9-12%)

The problem is getting worse. When filling in especially small areas, too much material is deposited so that the nozzle simply goes through with the next layer, with the next layer it gets worse. For my clarity; you have Infill which is to fill the content that you can do with different patterns, then you have Solid Infill and Top Solid Infil. Top Solid fill is clear (I now have 3) but between Infil and Solid Fill (now 0) what is the difference of what does one and what does the other do? Then you have Solid infill threshold area now at 70 mm2. I know you can print small parts. I printed something years ago and it was nicely printed with sharp edges so it should be possible. But lost these settings due to a PC crash.
I have the settings of 350% etc and the 9% for the Infil overlap. This is the result.
Greet Auke

I read in the manual of Slic3r that the printer needs to be calibrated now I can check most points but the fifth and last point of the steps how can I check this with the K8400?

Frame is stable and correctly aligned.
Belts are taut.
Bed is level in relation to the path of the extruder.
Filament rolls freely from the spool, without causing too much tension on the extruder.
Current for stepper motors is set to the correct level.
Firmware settings are correct including: axis movement speeds and acceleration; temperature control; end-stops; motor directions.
Extruder is calibrated in the firmware with the correct steps per mm of filament.
Greet Auke

what is your step setting for the extruder?
I remember that I had a similar problem once and it turned out that the downloaded firmware had incorrect step values for the extruder.


Check and then we’ll think what to do next.

Where can I find this?

Is dit het?


Try Gcode


Image Internet source

I know a Gcode is generated but what you ask now try M503 ??? Who what where?
Sorry for my stupidity but you are asking to look up something then try to look it up by clicking around.

It looks like you have 200 steps.The number of steps I gave above.

M503 displays the settings from the printer’s memory

Is that right, 200 steps?

No .
Should be for
x16 E = 75.48950
x32 E = 150.97900
For this extruder I used x16 and in slic3r I used the settings

Where and how can I adjust this? And I took over the these settings.