The Velleman K8200 rules!

Hi all,

For several months I’m using the K8200 printer and want to tell you that I am very satisfied with the device !
It was a pleasure to complete the kit, the Velleman support was great and the printer is ideally suited to tweak.

Below you will find a first picture of the completed printer, including the plexiglass cover. Shortly I’ll post some more detailed pictures and a brief explanation about the performed upgrades.


And here is a high resolution picture of the outstanding print quality (printed with E3D extruder & 0,25 mm nozzle):


Here is a short description of the Z-axis modification as applied to my printer:

[ul]Replaced the Z-axis stepper motor mount
Replaced the standard lead screw with a trapezoidal 13 mm lead screw
Connected the motor and lead screw with a decent flex coupling
Replaced the default nut by an appropriate brass drive nut and mounting bracket
Added a micrometer for adjusting the gap between extruder & printbed[/ul]


Looks cool! Prints cool too!
Could you please share the sources of the coupler and the driving shaft?

The flex coupler was ordered from Ebay. Just enter “coupler 3D printer” in the search box and you 'll find several buy it now auctions. Recommended price around 10 euros shipping included. Please note that you order the right diameter !

The spindle and brass bearing was ordered from a company in Roeselare, Belgium. I bought a piece of 1 meter and did shortened the spindle axis on the lathe.

Company info for the spindle and brass bearing:

Another update: white cable loom.

This upgrade is only a visual one because I didn’t like the multicolour flat cable.

The original connectors were dismantled and reused to solder the new wiring.
Spiraflex was used to secure the cable harness to the frame.

In additional small heatsinks were glued with epoxy to the stepper motor drivers.

Upgrade #3: E3D extruder.

Definitely one of the best upgrades of my K8200 printer is the E3D extruder with a 0,25 mm nozzle.

With the E3D heater cartridge the heating curve on my printer continuous fluctuated between +10° and -10° Celsius of the desired nozzle temperature and sometimes I got the famous brown out reset.

So I’m using back the original Velleman heater cartridge in the E3D hot end. Works perfect !

ED3 website:

Looks very nice! Good idea to get rid of the cheapish diy look from the multicolored cables…
Where did you get the acrylic housing? Custom order or do you have access to a laser cutter?

defenitly nothing to see with the original K8200… :frowning:

The housing is a proprietary design, first developed in paperboard. :slight_smile:
And the final version was made by Polygone, a company specialised in plastic processing, located near Kortrijk.

Company info:

Surely this printer is a K8200 !
Don 't be fooled by the plexiglass hood: both the mechanics and electronics are completely based on the Velleman kit, only the E3D extruder is foreign.


Yes it is.
He just did a very nice job modifying it.

Fantastic !!!

What are yours slic3r settings ?

Thanks guys you for your constructive feedback !

Below you’ll find the Slic3r settings as used for the high precision prints.
Note that the device is printing at very low speed.

Thanks very much

Could you post your “Advanced” setting slicer please ?

Here you are:

thanks very much for your help fichie
i wil try this

Very Nice!

Hello Fitchie,

Can you give me all the partnumbers for the modification of the Z-axis ?
Where did you buy the micrometer ?