No connection to PC - soldering at USB socket at fault

I have just finished putting my printer kit together but find that it will not connect to the PC. I get a pop up message - USB device has malfunctioned.

Reading some other posts on here regarding similar issues, I have identified the problem as being that the D- pin on the FTDI chip has no connection to the USB socket.

I am an experienced electronics technician familiar with working with smd components. Can I try resoldering this (will I void the warranty?) or do I have to send the board back?

You can go ahead and try to resolder it and send it in if you are unsuccessful, or you can send it in as is for a replacement. The important thing is that you are able to continue using your printer as quickly as possible.

I used a hot air pencil to remove the socket and found that pin 2 was tarnished and no sign of any solder on it. I’ve cleaned it up and refitted it and the USB connection is now working.

Running through the printer tests now.


We will certainly report this to our supplier and also keep an eye out for similar occurences. But most likely this will have been a rare manufacturing defect, which you have unfortunately been the victim of.