K8400 Extruder 2 loading but not printing


Our k8400 has 2 extruders.
When loading filament to this extruder, it heats up and loads the filament.

But, when I try to print (after selecting EXTR2 on the object in Vertex 3D Printer Repetier-Host V1.0.6) nothing comes out of Extruder 2.

I have swapped the chips (from Extr1 to Extr2) beneath the printer. This did not work so I swapped them back.
Anyone got any idea why this happens?

Did you select dual extruder option under the Slicer tab -> Print Configuration?


I’ve just put a second extruder on my brand new K8400, so it has the factory firmware still in it.

Extruder 2 loads filament correctly, but CuraEngine just refuses to use it for printing anything.

I’ve selected extruder 2 in the Object Placement.

Selected Vertex Dual Head in Slicer / CuraEngine config.

I’ve even gone as far as creating a new profile for CureEngione, that specifically selects Extruder 2, as opposed to "any available)

Is there anything else I should try?

***** Update *****

I’m going to try using Slic3r instead…

Do just what you did.
After you load your STL in the Object Placement Select your Extruder.

Yeah, thanks.

That’s what I first tried.

I’ve reset / power cycled the printer.

Rebooted computer

But it still prints from Extruder 1 (right hand)

I’m having more success with Slic3r.

I also found this thread that seems to describe the issue I’m seeing.

This might just be part of the steep learning curve :slight_smile:

For clarity:

If you want to print only one part with printhead 1 or 2. This is always “Single head” mode.
You just have to assign the component (part) to extruder 1 or 2.
And the print configuration is always single head. Not dual!

if you configured 1 part in dual head mode, and assigned this single part to extruder 2, extruder 2 will be effectively ignored, and printhead 1 will be used effectively. A prime tower will also always be printed.

If you want to print 2 parts in separate color, this is possible in Dual Head mode.

eg: assign part 1 to printhead 1
and assign part 2 to printhead 2
Select Dual Head “print configuration” in cura or slicer.

You can also merge parts into 1 effective part.
example a part that consists of 2 or more subfigures.

You can assign part 1 to printhead 1 and part 2 to printhead 2
Select for Print configuration: Dual Head. This I also Dual head config.
This is the “real” dual head extrusion.
example bracelet: and explanation: https://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=25

Best regards,
Velleman Support

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