First Layer Not Sticking

Some of my prints have been failing due to them sliding around on the print bed and then just making a mess. I assume that it has to do with the first layer not sticking properly, because when the first layer is transparent and I can see the bed through it easily (I am using the natural filament). When it is not transparent and not more flush with the print bed it seems to have trouble. Sometime the print is moved around by the extruder for some reason or some plastic gets attached to the extruder and pushes the rest of the print around with it. i originally thought that it was the fan so the auto-fan setting is off, but at this point I am beginning to doubt that tat was the real problem. I have lightly sanded the print bed twice, both times didn’t work. As well as that i have used isopropyl alcohol and a cotton ball on the print bed several times. My print bed is fairly level but it seems to be lower at the corners than in the middle and i have calibrated it running a sheet of paper underneath the extruder and found it to be about paper high from the print bed in each corner and the middle. If anyone could help that would be great.

It seems that the extruder is too close from your heatbed. The height must be at least a sheet of paper folded in two. If the extruder is too low it will scrape the plastic from the heatbed.
The use of a mirror on the heatbed helps a lot get the thing level and flat.

Turn your Z-axis by hand (while it’s printing) to see what the height does to your printed line. Too close will give a transparant line + a bad flow, and too high will give a string that does not stick. You will need to look for the best height.


Maybe your extruder nozzle is too close to the heatbed, just like the earlier posters indicated.

Additionally, if you have adhesion problems, see my suggestion with double-sided sticking tape. See: