Computer Connected, No motor or Fan control

When I plug in the USB cable I get a green and red LEDs. Using Repetier Host V1.0.4. I can connect to her board. When I apply power to the board those 2 LEDs go out and an upper green LED flashes twice. Power voltage at the terminals measures 15.7 v DC.

I get the message “5 commands waiting”. Status at the bottom of the page shows “Extruder 0%/Off”.

I have no Motor or Fan control. All of the printer settings are as shown in your User Manuel.


Check you baud rate should be 250,000
Check to make sure “Reset on Connect” is set to “Disabled”

I have confirmed that the baud rate is 250000. I do not find a “Reset on Connect” but the 3 Disable boxes for Extruder, Bed and Motors are checked. The 4 drivers are set to .45 v
Extracted from the Repetier Log is the following:

< 08:54:17.449 : OpenGL version:4.0.0 - Build
< 08:54:17.451 : OpenGL extensions:GL_EXT_bl…
< 08:54:17.451 : OpenGL renderer:Intel® HD Graphics 4000
< 08:54:17.451 : Using fast VBOs for rendering is possible
< 08:54:27.615 : No start signal detected - forcing start
< 08:54:27.654 : N1 M110 *2
< 08:54:27.654 : N1 M110 *2
< 08:54:27.654 : N2 M115 *4
< 08:54:27.655 : N3 M105 *4
< 08:54:27.655 : N4 M114 *3

What version of Repetier are you using?
What is your operating system?

Using Repetier Host V1.0.4.
Windows 8.1


I’m not sure if that version will work with the K8200.
You might try the version in the link below.
It should install the drivers and ini file as well as the software.

You may need to remove the one you have installed and the drivers before you put this one on.

Will do that.

[quote=“JohnKay”]Using Repetier Host V1.0.4.
Windows 8.1[/quote]

This package works very well. I’m using it everyday

Changed to Repetier .95. and new drivers. No change. Shows 7 commands waiting. No motor control.

Once you installed it did you go into the printer settings and check the Baud rate and Reset on Connect?

The baud rate is 250000. found “Reset on Connect” was not disabled. It is now disabled.

Retried for Z axis motion but no change in the failure to get motor motion and fan does not run.

Try checking for 15 volts DC at the blue screw connector?
Are you using the USB cable that was supplied with the printer?

My very first message shows that the voltage is 15.7 vDC. I am using the supplied USB cable.

In Repetier under printer/printer information/firmware: I show a blank when connected, should I see a version number there?

Is there anything else I can do? I received the kit on Sept 11, 2014 and am looking forward to using the 3D printer.

What do I do now. 3D printer sitting idle. Any help please


I’m not sure.
This sounds like a power problem.
When you are in the manual control section of Repetier does the Extruder or the Bed show any temperature?
I know you said you checked for voltage at the blue connector but maybe you should check to make sure you have a good connection.

Do you have a different computer you could try it on?.

If all else fails you can try to reflash the control card.
Instructions are in the link below.

There is no temperature shown on Repetier. Status shows 0%/Off.
No heat fealt at extruder or heater bed.

Is there another to measure the DC voltage on the board?
Will the Controller acknowledge the commands if there is no DC voltage supplyed to the drivers and fan?

The controller board connects but doesnt acknowledge the commands.

I checked the fan power pin and it measures 15.7 . Using the 3Drag schematic as reference I measured the output of the 5v regulator which was 5 v.

I attempted to reflash the controller following instructions recommended but kept getting an timeout error on the sync attempt. A jumper was on the prog pins. No lights flashed. I AM on the correct USB port (3) as found in the device manager.

Everything I read on internet says its incorrect W8 drivers but am using the FTDi 2.10.00 drivers.

I moved to another room and connected with a W7 OS. Recompiled the Marlin firmware and attempted to upload with the PGM jumper on. I get the following error messages:
avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer

Sequence of attempt.

  1. Put jumper on PGM pins.
  2. Pluged in USB cable. LD5 red and Ld6 came on.
  3. pluged in 15 v power. LD5 and LD6 go out, LD1 flashes tqice the out.
  4. Compiled and upload Marlin firmware. at the start of upload LD1 comes on steady.
  5. With every messige of timeout LD6 flashes.
  6. Upload attempt ends with timeout. LD1 stays on.

I also started Repetier, connected and attempted to turn on the fan and move the Z axis. All I got was: “Command waiting”

This computer works fine with my Chipkit Uno. I compile and upload and see it running.

Please respond as I paid a lot of money for the Velleman K8200 just to have it sit here.

If you have a magnifying glass look at the solder joints for the USB connector.
Maybe one of them is loose.
You might try pushing on the pins (GENTLY) while giving it a command

If you can not solder very well do not attempt to fix it as this will void your warranty.

You may need to get Velleman involved to help you get it fixed.

Thanks for all the suggestions. will try last one and if still not working will contact How? emaol?