Z wobble/banding

Hi all

Having now used up all my Velleman Black PLA on various projects I decided to test out the white instead. And what a difference!!!

The black PLA was very brittle and layers were very clear. With the white PLA I get extremely nice inter-layer bonding and practically no visible layers.

However, with no visible layers I have noticed another issue: Z-wobble (or banding as it it also sometimes called). A very clear banding of around 1.2-1.3 mm cycle in the Z-axis (I will post an image later). Due to the similarities with the Z-axis rods’ pitch, I assume this is due to a very small misalignment in the threaded Z-axis rod and the Z-axis stepper (?), but I have difficulties trying to figure out how to correct it.

Any ideas?

Z-wobble and banding are 2 different phenomenon. Z-wobble is caused by a cycloidal movement of a slightly bended screw and banding by a bad step/mm in the firmware settings (layers are alternatively thinner and thicker in all direction, not in one direction as in Z-wobble.

Check if the leadscrew is not to much pulled in the flex coupler. If it’s touching the motor axis then the coupler can’t fulfill its role of flexible part.

Thank you raby. I will give that a try tonight… :slight_smile:

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