Z motor not turning properly


My Z-axis motor used to work correctly (bringing the extruder arm at the precise heights etc.). After I moved the printer a couple of times, I noticed a strange behaviour appeared in the Z-axis motor: it turns regularly, yet with not nearly as much turns as required to bring it, for example, 10 mm up or down. It also makes a regular ticking noise while turning.

I can turn the rod by hand without feeling any mechanical difficulties. I increased the voltage up to 0.5 and the problem still persists.

I swapped the Y and Z motor connectors. Anything that was plugged to the Y-pins on the controller board turned with the same increment. Anything that was plugged to the Z-pins turned weirdly, skipping or turning less than expected.

Does this mean there is a problem in the controller board? Should the whole thing be exchanged or could there be another solution?

Thanks in advance.

From your explanations this sounds like thestepper driver for the z axis is faulty.
Try to swap the stepper driver with another axis and look if the problem moves along with it.

If so, just get a new stepper driver. They cost around 10$.
btw. you could try to tune it to 0.55v first.