Z-axis won't go home, just goes a little bit up


Yesterday I moved my printer after 4 months. I decided to mount a webcam on the frame and I put the cord the same way as the Z-axis wires.

When all that was done I reconnect my printer and when I pressed home, the X- and Y-axis went home but the Z-axis didn’t.
The extruder just went a bit up and didn’t came down. I think it moved as much up (1 centimeter or something) as he usually does when he goes home if he is already home.
Also, Repetier-Host says it is home (Z = 0,00).

Is there anyone that can help me fix this problem?

If I left out important things, please ask.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

My apologies, English isn’t my mother language

How can that be, Vertex isn’t one month old?

I’m sorry

I have posted on the wrong forum because I have a K8200.

That’s one stupid act from me.

But thanks for replying so fast

Check the end stop for the Z axis.
It sounds like one of the wires may have been broken