Z-axis position before and after print

Is there a way to alter the position of the z-axis before and after print?

I like to have my print bed lowered by about 50mm during (pre)heating and when it has finished printing,
go back to a depth of at least 50mm. Is that some thing that can be set from the software?


This can be done by inserting the appropriate G-code commands (see http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code) in the slicer.
Open the CuraEngine configuration and go to the G-code Tab.

There is a Start g-code and an End g-code where you can insert the desired action.

Thanks for pointing that out to me raby. I found the option and will digg in further.

For the start of the print, you could do something like this:
[ul]home all axis
controlled move Z axis down to 50mm position (watch the speed! don’t go fast, like the X and Y axis)
all motors off
heat extruder
home z axis
(start print)[/ul]

For the end, you’d have to be a little more complex, because if your print is higher than 50mm, saying “move to Z=50mm” would actually move the bed and print upwards, and worse case, smash it into the X and Y axis.

You could do something like this

[ul]set current position of Z axis to 0mm (using G92 command, something like G92 Z0)
controlled move to Z=50mm
turn off all motors[/ul]