Z axis only moves down ( solved broken board )

hey everyone i have a problem with my printer.
all of a sudden the z-axis only moves down so when im homing it just keeps going down even when the z home switch is hit.
i tested the z home switch on the y port of the board and then it works as it should and the motor also goes up again.
so my conclusion is that there is something wrong with the z part of the board.
any idea what i could be or is it just fried and a total wrightoff.

thanks in advance

**** **** **** never mind literally just blew up the whole board.

so… update.

got my new board today installed it and everything is working fine again.
so it was a issue with the board. don’t know what it was but anyways.

probably damaged the board by being to rough with rewire-ing so lesson learned i guess.

Good to know everything is working again :slight_smile: