Z axis moves up on extruder retraction

I recently tried to use retraction for the first time on my K8200 and found that the Z axis moves up (positive) at the same time as the extruder retracts.

Using Slic3r 1.1.7 “Printer Settings, Extruder1, Retraction” did not work and because I wanted to use firmware retraction, I followed Josef Prusa’s method (prusaprinters.org/slic3r-and-mar … etraction/) and found that the extruder does retract, but discovered the z Axis problem. It may have been there before but went un-noticed.

I tried using Pronterface, KISSlicer and the latest Marlin, all to no avail. Has anyone else had this problem? What could be the cause and what is the solution?

Any suggestions would be most welcome!


Eventually found the cause of the problem!
Apparently, a Z value during retraction had been stored previously and was cleared by sending the following manually:

M207 S0 Z0
M208 S0 Z0

Hope that this is useful to someone,