Z-Axes Problem

My Printer stopped while printing job. When i pushed the Home button then i’ve heared a fine sound but the z-axe don’t move.
I’ve disconnected the coupler for check the motor.
The Motor turned by using move z-axe. But it turned not by using the Home-Button.
Can you help my?

Does it turn one way but not the other?
If so check the end stop and the wires.

The Motor turns in both direction.
The movements are very small. When i turn by hand, then the movements are normal.
I hear an mystic fine sound from the Motor.
I’ve checked the Connections.

Have you checked the reference voltage for the drivers.
0.55 works best for all of them do not go over 0.6 because this will make them over heat and go crazy.
If this doesn’t help try swapping the Z driver with the X or Y driver to see if the problem moves with the driver card.

I’ve changed the Motor Connection (z-Motor with x-Motor).
The Problem moves from z-Motor to the x-Motor. The Sound is now from x-Motor.

Try swapping the driver cards.

First, disconnect the lead screw coupler from the z access motor shaft. This should allow the motor to turn freely without any tension from the led screw. When you press the Z home, does the motor turn freely? (you can manually press the z-stop switch by hand to stop the motor turning if it does).

If yes, re-connect the z access coupler and lead screw, and check that the lead screw is properly aligned. Does it move by hand without much tension?

Lastly, swap the z motor driver with the x motor driver and press the z home button. Does the z access return to home properly?

This should tell you whether the motor, motor driver, or lead screw are giving you problems. Too much friction on the lead screw (badly aligned) will mean there’s not enough voltage in the Nema17 motor for it to turn the lead screw.

If, after swapping the z & x driver cards it works properly then possibly a new driver is needed for the z motor.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your Inputs.
I’ve found the problem. By changing the motordriver (z-Axe with x-axe), the problem move from z-axe to x-axe.
So i need a new driver…

The replacement part number is A4988/SP