Y-Motor just vibration


On my Printer the y Motor dont work. The Motor only vibrate. i try and Change the plug from de x and the y Motor after that the y Motor works fine and i have the Problem with the x Motor. my question is the controler board not ok or what can i do??? Sorry about myvery bad englisch i hope ist possible to understand.

Thank you


please take your multimeter and recheck two things, just to be sure:

  • does the power supply deliver 15 V to the board (measure at the screw terminal)? Is this voltage stable when the motors are used or the heaters are switched on?
  • is the reference voltage on the motor drivers set correctly, in a range between 0.425 V and 0.55 V?

Next to the motor drivers, there are four LEDs, one for every driver. Does the Y LED light up in the same way as the others do when you try to use the motor?

If you can confirm the two measurements above, next check the small driver board. Make sure the controller board is not powered, then pull out the small motor driver board for the Y axis and another one, e.g. for Z axis. Switch both drivers and remount them, Y driver in the Z slot and vice versa. Power up the board and test the motors again. Does the error remain with the Y axis, or does it move to the Z axis instead?



i know now one of my motor drivers is not ok!! I change the driver on the board from y to z and no the z motor have the same problem but the y motor works fine. Now i know to 100% that the motor-driver is defective. What can i do now??? Send it back?? Or its posible that Velleman send only one driver???

thank you kuraasu


since it’s the weekend, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till Monday to discuss this with Velleman. Let them know which country you’re from, the procedure for replacements differes between Europe and the US.



You can send the defective driver together with a printout of this thread to:

Velleman Repair Service
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

We will send you a replacement part asap when we received the driver.