Y minus fail

I have no response with the Y - when testing the K8200 manually (with linux ubuntu)
I found the brown connector and orange wire disconnected but after soldering , it didn’t work
So wich are the wires working for Y - ( I think it needs the 4 ) ?

Please go over the manual to find out what wires are connected to what. Also, try plugging the Y cable into another axis and try to move it via this other axis (to check if the Y-axis controller is broken).

The Y minus fail after switching so this is not the wiring.
All connections are checked with ohm-meter and there is no mismatch with the colors

Should I contact my reseller ?

Did you install and connect the end switch ?

If the end switch is not connected this means ‘end switch pressed’ to the software, and then the motor only moves in positive direction.

You mean Y stop ?
Connected and check with ohm meter.
only thing not connected is JPROO.

Well , when testing in use, y- stop seems to be always on , but not x or y Stop ???

So I have connected the two pins of the Y-stop and it works, thank you for your help.