Y Axis misbehavior

Hi all,

I attached the new extruder and the z axis upgrade to my k8200 and upgraded the firmware. So far so good.

Now my y axis do not behave like it does before.
[ul][li]In manual mode +10 and -10 (all other steps, too) moves in the same direction. [/li]
[li]When homing the y axis, the bed stops 20mm away from the switch after contact. (moves towards the switch - triggered the switch - moves back and stop 20mm away from the switch)[/li][/ul]

Do anyone have a idea whats this issue is about?

Did you upload the firmware with arduino version 1.0.6 ?
You can dowload it here: arduino.cc/en/Main/OldSoftw … s#previous
When using the newest arduino version some strange behaviour happends with the printer.

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I’m working recently with the arduino software, so I have the newest installed and I used this one for the upload.

Thanks for the hint, I will test the older arduino software and report the result.

I tested it with the Arduino Software 1.0.6 and now it works like it should. Thanks a lot for your help!

No problem =)
Glad everything is working.
Happy printing : )

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