Y axis does not go to home

Hello everyone,

I have my Velleman K8200 sinds 4 years.
Since this week when I press the home button, it no longer returns to its starting position on the y-axis. He centers it and if I press the home button every time, as a test, the x-axis goes nicely to its home, but the y-axis moves up a bit until I finally reach the other side.
Looks like he keeps forgetting the home position.
Never had it before.

Hello @Yanki

Have you physically check the Y endstop ? And/or used Repetier and the g-code M119 ( https://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M119.html )to get the endstop states ?

Also the cables of the motor and the endstop (continuity chek) ?
the connectors on the motherboard (not shaky) ?
the driver stepper motor (swap it with like the X one to see if the problem go to X ? but be careful to plug them correctly and to disconnect the machine power supply when disconnecting /connecting them. ) ?

Have a nice day !

This is what i see if i use M119.:

Send: N1163 M119*31
Recv: Reporting endstop status
Recv: x_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: y_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: z_min: open
Recv: ok

Cables are fine.
If i read it well, then the x and y are triggerd bij the switch and z not, but y isn’t against the switch.

so if the M119 report the switch “TRIGGERED” but the switch is not “physically” triggered
then you have to look carefully to the switch, on this endstop. (it can be stuck …)
and maybe test the endstop switch manualy with a multimeter on continuity check …
or the cables are defective … ( a short cut)
hopping this is not the motherboard …

Or have you change the firmware ? (try with an original velleman version …)

No i did’nt changed the firmware.
I placed, to test ,the headbed in the middle so both switchen are not triggerd and then i test M119.

Send: N1995 M119*30
Recv: Reporting endstop status
Recv: x_min: open
Recv: y_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: z_min: open
Recv: ok

I orderd a new switch , so if i received it , i will come back to this.

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  • Just checked all cables, nothing to see and checked with a multimeter also oke.
  • Switched x with y connector, strange but y still triggerd.
  • Checked switch, also oke.
  • Shutdown printer, waited 15 minutes, in mean while cleaned from dust and started again , result the same also triggerd.
  • As last try, desolderd both cables from switch and again solderd and … it works again???

Very strange because it always worked.

I’m happy now and thx for the help, but its very strange…

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A temperamental switch that wanted attention? :wink:

Or the whole checkings /reconnecting / soldering / dust cleaning have done the tricks.

Enjoy ! have some good prints !

Edit : I would like to see a photo of one of your most beautiful print with your K8200

At this moment i only printed new parts for my printer.
I did’nt print any big objects , but i was focused to try to print different products, PLA, ABS,PETG PLA FLEX e.g.

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