Y-axes shift and motor very hot

Hello all,
During printing and after 10 or 15 minutes, the head shift (y axes) and the motor is very hot.
I’ve verified Belt --> seems OK
Pulley --> seems OK
Axes lubrification --> done with PTFE
Hot head and cable do not interfere with the frame.
I’m a little bit lost, the shift appear after 10 layers!
At the beginning (just after assembly) it was OK. Now, 1 month later, it fails.

Do you have ideas?


Yes I have an idea… :wink:
First switch off the printer.
Then check if you can easily make the Y-movement by hand from one end point to the other end point. If you need some more force, then you have a problem in the area of the axle bearings. If you need power, then the motor also needs power and this will make it even warmer than usual.
-> Check that the axis are exactly parallel.

Layer shift: Check whether the pulley is really tight on the stepper motor axis. If the motor has to transmit more force to move the axis, the pulley loosen over time. Tip: Before tightening the pulley screws, flatten the stepper motor axis slightly with a file on the side where the fastening screw is located.

Try this at first. :slight_smile:

Greetings from Berlin