X y jerk?

I am having a problem with the X and Y moving to fast between perimeters and makes kind of an machine gun noise. This causes skipping :frowning: I get very nice results on some parts but I got one I canโ€™t print because of the print head jerking too much.
Is there anyone who have had the same problem or know a solution?

Got a video here :slight_smile:
dropbox.com/s/w65euna2g6wva โ€ฆ 1.mp4?dl=1

I know about the print quality in the video :slight_smile: trying out different flow and temp combos.

This is normal small infill behavior. If this causes skipping, consider lubricating the steel rods and checking the calibration of the carriage.

Hi, itโ€™s the very first time that i come here, sometimes happend the same to my k8400, i successfully get out the problem unmounting the external support of the head, rotate them and remounting. The problem is that the steel bars are not perfectly straight so just a little angle can stuck your head and the resoult is exactly what you describe. Check also the pulleys, if they are not perpendicular to the bar the force may be applied in the wrong way.