X & y axis running backwards

i have recently purchased the K8200 and have finished assembly trying to calibrate the machine, when i run either x and y axis they run backwards to the software.

i have triple checked the wiring and it is all as per the instructions.

voltage is set to .425 for the drivers as per the instructions

all slides bearings and pulleys run ultra smooth.

can someone please help

further more i get this error when trying to move the machine left from its fully right position

echo:endstops hit: X:10.01

and this error trying to move the machine down from its fully up position

echo:endstops hit: Y:43.70

Did you set inverse direction controls in repetiers printer settings?
Which firmware do you use?

controls are not inverted and the firmware is as it came out of the box. (Merlin)

Did you connect the endstops correctly ? (outermost pins)
Are you absolutely sure you didn’t switch any wire in the moror connections? (from board to motor)
It is easy to do so, cause the colors aren’t that clearly different on the ribbon cable.
Switched cables in the motor wiring will result in wrong direction or stall of the motors.



100% sure the endstop motors are wired correctly,

under further testing i can get the machine to run the y axis correctly, but when i press home the x axis runs off to the left instead of the right…

i can also get the x axis to run in the right direction now just not return home…

i’m so confused… :frowning:

im looking at the software and have noticed that the endstop is placed on the motor like the instructions say but the softwares x0.00 is to the furthest left which is away from the endstop.

could this be my problem?

That sounds like you wired the endstops wrong.
The cables must be soldered to their outermost posts.
Otherwise the switch function will be inverted.
Also check the bed dimensions set in repetier under printer settings.



looks like i have the wires round the wrong way on the end stop will switch the wires and post result

still have same problem…

cables are wired to the outer most posts, and the bed dimensions are correct… :’(

what else could it be?

Try the y axis motor at the x axis plug.
Does it turn correctly then?

i swapped the plugs on the machine y for x and still have the same problem…

x axis is still heading the wrong way even though its now on the y plugs???

checked the motor and its 100% wired correctly

Solder the 4 wires from the motor to the 4 wires of the connector you tinned earlier. Watch the colours closely.

Connector cable->Motor wires

Yellow-> Blue




as per instruction

the odd thing is i can get it to move left and right as it is meant to on the x axis using the software… its just has its home set to the far left away from the switch and i dont know how or why this is happening…

Then it is absolutely sure you mixed up the wires of the motor.

wires are exactly the same as the instructions though…

how would i reverse the wires?

so i can guarantee that the motor is wired correctly and i am still having the same problem… :frowning:

If you, for example connect the wires of one motor coil with incorrect polarity the coil will move the motor
in the opposite direction. If on coil is connected right, the other is reversed, it will stall.
If both coils are reversed it will turn opposite direction. Same if you switch the wire pairs in whole.
Another cause might be an open circuit in one of the coil wirings, thus powering only one coil of the motor correctly.

If the motor turns wrong way on an axis where the other turns correct, there is no other possible reason than incorrect wiring.

Maybe try wiring the motor all new and directly from board to motor (using different cable) just to test.
It can also be a good idea to measure the resistance at the letmost and rightmost pin pairs on the motor connector
to test for open or short circuit.
Like this:

Both pairs should read about 2 Ohms. If less, there is a short, if more there is an open circuit or bad solder joint.



its only turning the wrong way when it trys to find home…

i can manually make it move left and right as per the software…

That was not clear to me.
Then the wiring should be ok.

Did you check the endstop switches if they switch correctly?
Or maybe, for switched connectors on the controller? (al endstops connected to the right connector)



figured it out belt was on backwards… sorry