X tree kit only8 led working no flash help


My son has attempted to make / built the (mini kit) Xmas tree with 16 LEDs which he has

But only LEDs1/2/3/4 and 13/14/15/16 are working and the lights are on all the time

As you know once its build it’s difficult to see were he when wrong

I am sure you could work it out from the circuit diagram from what is working what he has assembly incorrectly

Looking at the instructions the transistor can only be fitted one way, the elco look the correct way round

The LEDs may or may not be the right way round, so it may be a resistor problem

Please can you help?

If not we may have to by another kit and I will assist him in building it




It is difficult to troubleshoot without actually seeing the kit.
A stunning 90% of all returned kits have soldering errors such as:

bad solderings
forgotten solderings
broken tracks or solder pads (sometimes difficult to spot) due to overheating
solderings touching eachother (shorts)

Watch for inverted leds aswell.