X-stepper motor driver doest function correctly

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After fixing the problem with the extruder stepper motor the next problem occurred. My x-motor driver seems to function bad. When I manually control the x-stepper motor it makes a lot of noise and starts shaking. It doesn`t move at all, so i checked the voltage of the driver and that seems to be normal 0,429 Volt. So I changed the x-motor connector and the y-motor connector. Now the x-motor functions the right way and the y-motor doesn’t function any more. So the x-stepper motor is okay. any one thought about this question? yesterday it all seems to work perfect!!!

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Anyone had the same? or does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

My colleague sent you a replacement part.

Velleman support team

Oke thanks your colleague contacted me, a new board is on it’s way.

I think the support of velleman is super!!