X motor travels in wrong direct for home postion

Hi There,

Here one for you, Have work through “connected the printer” section x + X- motor no problems
Get to the home positioning and the x motor is traveling to the right ? Yes the right moves about 5 - 10 mm then stops.

Home all x, y, z

Y & Z move and home OK.

X well? Just shunts moves a little to the right and that’s it.

Any ideas ?

This is a replacement board sent to AU just on a week, well done.



Hi alpallan,

if axis motion is restricted to one direction, it’s usually a problem with the endstop. They work in failsafe mode, i.e. if the switch is disconnected (or a wire broken), then the board reads this as “switch triggered” and won’t move in the direction where the endstop is expected. Check the switch and its cables, i.e. measure conductivity at the (unplugged) connector: normal condition should be short circuit, triggered open circuit.

Additionally, it is possible that the motor wiring is wrong (e.g. two wires switched), which reverses the rotation of the motor. You can change this in the firmware (reload it with adjusted parameters), or switch the wires back. The latter can be done for example by removing two connectors (either pins 1 & 2, or pins 3 & 4) from the housing and put them back the other way around. Use something pointy like a very small screwdriver, or a needle, to press down the metal clip that holds the connector in the housing, but take care not to bend that clip too much. Only do this after you tested the endstop, and if the motor then still works in the wrong direction. Otherwise you may end up doing this twice.

In general, both Repetier and the firmware know the overall dimensions of the printer and will disregard moves to positions that are “not possible”. E.g. when trying to move to negative values it will remain at 0.


hi Kuraasu,

Check the switch wiring, you were correct, open circuit, wire broken switch end.

This problem is now fixed.

Onto the next, maybe ?

Again thanks for your input.