X-driver problem


I just build my first k8200 and so far everything goes smooth exept one thing.

I am testing the printer connected to my computer and i think i have a problem with the X-driver.
In repetier when i click the X to go to left or right or x-home nothing happens. I see the little red led lighting up near the x-driver but thats all, no motor spinning.
All other motors and switches working fine.

When i switch the plugs from the x-motor with the y-motor then the x-motor(wich was the functional y-motor) does not work, but the y motor works (wich was the original not functioning x-motor).
So i am sure the cables are right.

Could it be a faulty driver or is it a general board problem?
Hope someone can help me.

Try changing the stepper modules of the x and y axis to find out if the driver itself is faulty.
If not, maybe your enstop switch or it’s wiring is faulty.

Also look for the reference voltage set on the stepper modules. Is it set to 0.55v at all drivers?

Wow thats a fast response.
I swapped the x and y drivers and now the x-moter functions normal but now the Y does not.
So its the driver for sure now.

I checked the voltage and its 475 so within specifications. Increasing it does not help.

Thanks for the help.

Then it is dead :frowning:

Email velleman for replacement or get a compatible one from your favourite reseller if it’s urgent.