X axis skips at a certain height of z axis

I have a rare issue here.

When I try to make a high model, it happens that at the height of about 37mm, the x axis skips/jumps about 3mm to the left.
Alway at this height. Smaller models are perfect. All axis are well lubricated.

I’m sending data from PC with Repetier Host.

Someone any idea?
Thanks in advance,


When this happens is there anything in the log area about end stop hits?
If this is true you should check the wiring for that end stop.

Is the nozzle hitting the project cause the missing steps?
If this is happening you may need a warmer environment (room temp)
Just a guess on the above.

This was happening to my machine and I moved it to a room that was warmer.

Hope this helps.

I have had the same problem at exact at the same height. The problem was solved by placing the model at another location of the flat bed. When assembling the device I noticed that some linear bearings moves stikcy. Perhaps this is crucial in combination with some particular movements.

I have same problem but it happend 2.1mm height. Not everytime but when it happend it was that height. Motor voltage is 0.55V and everything move smooth and nice. I try next that placing at another location but it was nice to know why that happend that same location.