X- axis offsets by 1mm repeatedly while printing

While printing, my K8200 (which I didn’t build myself) repeatedly fails to print the layers on top of each other : every so many layers, it “decides” to start the next layer and the consecutive higher layers thereafter offset by about 1mm on the X- axis. The same design’s reprint (10 mm of height) shows this behaviour at random height layers, so it isn’t a flaw in the design. What could be the reason of this ?

Check the reference voltage for the stepper motors.
The instructions say 0.425Vdc but 0.55Vdc works better.
Do not go over 0.6Vdc

This seems to have done the trick, indeed. I also had thought in this direction. On the other hand, what I couldn’t explain then, was why it offseted in millimeters, and not in smaller fractions (of millimeters). If you could explain that, you would increase my (and other people’s) understanding why that was the case ?

That is a hard to explain.
Since this is a kit they are all going to be a little different.
It could be that there is a little more drag on your bed or something like that.