X Axis don't work

Work’s: Z, Y Axis, Both heating, Fan, Extruder Motor
Dont’ work: X Axis

It’s impossibile regulate the 0,45V. If the X Motor is connected to another (Z or Y Axis) it work fine an the other (Z or Y ) Not.
I think is the step controller problem?

Thank you


Swapped two stepper controls (X <> Y) and now the Y axis don’t work and X axis fine !
The problem is the stepper control.

Please request a new stepper motor driver (Pololu) through parts@velleman.be. Include your full contact details and a link to this forum topic.

You can ask a new stepper driver board wtih the online missing (or defective) parts form. It will be send to you. You can find it here:


Stepper Driver received, mounted all OK. thanks