X and Y skips under fast acceleration

Hello All

I have just bought a 5 month old K8400. It have not printed much. My guess is close to nothing.

When I first powered it up, x and y axis was skipping heavely, even under the autohome process.

Så i lubed the rods, and i aligned x and y rods, as described in the assembly manual. Now normal operation has no skips. The belt tension is quite confusion for me. I find my belts quite loose. But the rear belt is quite losse, even though completely tied up.

Then it was time to my first print. Went fine until the software decided to accelerate the print head quite fast. (I think it might have been in the infill process.) Then i skips around 1 cm.

I think the missed steps are because the rods are not moving freely enough.

Today i will try the “advanced wiki” way of calibrate the rods to be parallel.

How much belt tension is correct?

Will a loose belt give inprecise prints, as long as it doesn’t skip?

The motor belts must be tight but the axis belts must be a bit loose. How much you can see on the [color=#408040]Wiki[/color].

Thank you very much.

My first succesful print is now done. The knob for operating the display was missing. So I made a new one.

Completely dismantled the print head carriage, and rebuild it. Following partly the Velleman instruktions, and the wiki. I made 2 tubes for alignment at work today. They matched within 0.02mm.

Thank you very much for the wiki. But i really did not understand bullet no. 2.

Regards Tommy Fer

[quote=“Fer”]But i really did not understand bullet no. 2.[/quote]You mean the hammering part? If the clamps are too close from each other the only way to move them away without removing the axis is to hammer them a bit.

Yes… I just trimmed the Y axis that way :slight_smile: I just didn’t get it without pictures the first time.

I have requested a login for the wiki, i will add pictures of the process.

[quote=“Fer”]I have requested a login for the wiki, i will add pictures of the process.[/quote]I’ll do that this afternoon. I can’t access my mailbox where I am ATM.