WSPXL100 Chrismas tree not working

Hi, i need help i have a chrismas tree project , When i connect the usb power cable , Led1 2 and 3 are blinking …
do i have to connect a ps +5 V extern also?

I wan’t to test all the led’s if they are working or not , can somebody provide me a clear explanation I can’t find Arduino Nano Every (in Board Manager).

hello @jan.nuel

Can you upload a clear picture of solder and component side of the printed circuit board (PCB) WSPXL100. Also a video can help for support.

Because it’s not clear for us, if only LED’s 1,2,3 are blinking and orthers LED’s not ?

Double check the orientation (the LED’s has a polarisation).
check the solder joints: (bridged solder joints => short circuit).

Normally only the USB power cable (A to B) => power socket is needed. No need of external +5V power Supply.

For installation the Arduino Nano every in board manager of Arduino IDE => see manual here:


Before you start programming in Arduino, you will need to install and select the correct board.

  1. Go to Tools → Boards → Board manager
  2. Search for Arduino Nano Every, and select the latest version. Then press install.
  3. If you go back to tools → Boards, you will notice that the Arduino Nano Every is now included. Press it to select.

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Velleman support.

Hello, i have connected every Arduino Every Board pin, it’s seems that you have only to connect 18 pins… do i have to cut the other ones?



I bought this morning another one who was preinstalled it seams that the Eland is a more modern version . Can i do a swap … the shape of the great ic is more convienant to modern technologie. Please answer my questions above and a simple procedure to enhance all led’s for testing.

There’s no problem when all pin of Arduino Every are soldered.

For Powering the WSPXL100, You’ll need to connect the USB Cable to “POWER ON” Connector Labeled “SK1” , with an USB A male to USB B male cable


If the standard code (factory code) is on “Arduino every”, normally all is correct, and all leds should working (if all leds are correct mounted on PCB in correct polarisation). You can cycle through different modes, via the button on PCB.

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