WSAK204 Electronic Cicada - not working

I put together the WSAK204 Electronic Cicada according to the instructions but it isn’t working.

When I connect the battery and switch it to “on”, the LED and buzzer work for 1/2 a second and then stop.

Any idea what could be causing the problem or how to troubleshoot?

I double-checked the soldered joints. Every joint was soldered from the “solder side” except for the battery and piezo speaker wires. I positioned the setting of each the trimmer according to the instructions.

I looked at the circuit diagram from WSAK204 Electronic Cicada - circuit diagram but I still don’t know where the problem could be.

I guess my next step is to take a multimeter and test continuity between the components.


Hello @rowe7280 ,

Can you send us or upload Hi Quality pictures of your WSAK204 ?
=> The component side of PCB
=> And solder side of PCB (bottom and top).

Check also the polarised components.
Like TR (phototransistor)


Best regards,
Velleman Support

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I pulled off the speaker and battery holder but was unable to desolder the wires from the board. I ended up throwing the cicada away.

You Can also bring it back to your dealer for support…