[WSAH190 - WMAH100] Frequency response on ultrasound and phase error

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my team and I are conducting researches on acoustic underwater communications in ultrasound frequencies (in range 40kHz - 70 kHz) and I have a couple of things to ask regarding the specifications of the amplifiers 2x5W amplifier for MP3 player WSAH190 and 200W power amplifier module WMAH100:

  • WSAH190: do you confirm that the frequency response goes up to 100kHz?
    Do you know also the phase error w.r.t. the frequency?
    Is there a pre-assembled module for this product?

  • WMAH100: the frequency response in the webpage (link here) gives a frequency response
    up to 20kHz, but in the infosheet of this product (assembled) the higher limit is 200kHz. Which is meant to be the correct one?

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Hello @emanuele.coccolo ,

The frequency respons of the WSAH190 is up to 100kHz.

The phase error isn’t mentioned in datasheet of TDA1517 / TDA1517P , so thus not known.
As datasheet says, the -1 dB is on 20kHz frequency (high Frequency Roll-off)

The frequency respons of the WSAH100 is up to 200 kHz. spec on website is wrong, this will be updated. Thanks for letting us know.

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