WSAH1803 input signal too hot

Hi, I got the WSAH1803 mono amplifier to act as a signal boost between my electric guitar and my power amp. Was fun to build, but since the signal is too hot for this preamp (anywhere between 50mV and 1V depending on what I’m playing) I have to find a way to reduce the gain. Ofcourse I would like the signal to remain as clean as possible so I would like to avoid placing another potmeter before the input.

Is there any way I can adjust the WSAH1803 to accomodate a stronger input signal? I am running it with a good 24V DC power supply so there is plenty of headroom available. Hope you have some suggestions.

By the way my understanding of electronics is still pretty basic so please don’t get too technical on me :wink:

Never mind, I just found another post concerning the same topic: