WSAH171 or MK171 Voice Changer Video 3D Printed Box

Hi, after I got the kit in the mail, I started to wonder what kind of box I could put it in for the kids “And Myself” to play with it. Then I saw your cute video with different people playing with it and a 3D Printed box that is perfect. Where do I find the file for that box so I can print my own? By the way the only thing I would change is to put a speaker grill over the speaker so that it protects the speaker from damage.

Hello @Dr_Robotnick,

You van find and download the 3D printed box for WSAH171 / M171 from our Thingiverse account.
See here: Enclosure for the voice changer minikit by Whadda - Thingiverse

We wish you and your children a lot of fun with the voice changer kit.

Best regards,
Velleman Support

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I had to modify the box so that the speaker would fit inside without touching the board. But now I get a lot of feedback because the mic is so close to the speaker. I will have to try removing the mic from the box like you had in your demonstration video.