Wrong extruder heating on K8400


Since I changed the Extruder to EXTR 2 on SlicerCura Engine on k8400, what is happening now is that it heats the second extruder, but works with extruder 1, that is cold, so, the part won’t print anything. The movements are for extruder 1 but the heating comand is for extruder 2, so, I have the extruder 2 heated to 210 degrees and the first exruder is trying to get out, but it doesn’t work out.
I already changed everythi option to extruder 1, but is still heating the second.
I made an export of the config file config.rcp from the printer but I don’t understand the comands.

Why is the printer heating the wrong extruder and how can I fix it?

Meanwhile, I tried with Ultimate Cura instead of Vertex Repetier and Slicecuraengine and is working fine with the second extruder. It heats the two extruders and works with the second and is printing now. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your attention :slight_smile:

Teresa Falcão