WPXL102 RUDOLF XL does not working

Hi, I would be glad to get the support from the community. I have bought for my son the Rudolf XL with the Nano Every.
But the program originaly loaded was not running properly (even I don’t know how it should look like as there is really no manual @all available) nor the trial programs are starting properly. only after serveral trails/startup’s they may run.
If I load up the blinky trial to let the internal LED blink, it’s run properly.

Does any one would have an idea what happens or what I could to to findout the issue/root cause, why it will not work.

As power supply I have tried several ones.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @THG20,

The programming manual for the example codes of Whadda XL, you can find it here: Programming whadda XL

Product info you can find it here: WPXL102

The Original Factory code => you can download it from here .
If you want go back to original, you can upload the factory code,
because after upload an example code, the original code will be overwritten.

To cycle through the different modes, press the mode button.

For Powering the “Rudolf” - WSPXL102, you’ll need to connect the USB Cable to “POWER ON” Connector Labeled “SK1” , with an USB A male to USB B male cable. No need to connect the Nano Every via micro USB cable to PC (this is only needed for programming).


  • power supply: 5 V – 2.1 A max. (cable incl.).

Hope this will help you further.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

Dear support team,

thanks for providing the data and feedback, but Rudolph has an startup issue. When I disconnect him from power and try to start up he will not do it.

Looks like I need to shorten the capacitor and the first LED and then power up again, that he works. but this is not a solution.

Do you have an better one?