Wpxl101 rudolf xl kit

Hi, I made it but I have a little problem with it:
When I put the jumper SK2 on position 1-2 (2 strings) the 3 central Leds stay in the last condition (as if there was no signal out of A3 pin). In the other position 2-3 (1 string) everything is fine.
As I don’t find the original code, the link in the [WPXL102 RUDOLF XL] post is dead, I don’t know if it’s a problem or not.
I have checked the board : all is OK.
I will try to program it but for now I will wait for the original code to be able to have these funny animations… A nice job !
Thank you for posting a newer link and Merry Christmas for all

The download of the original source code (in download section of the kit) is OK this time.
I don’t know why it failed previously…
Now it’s time to understand it. :bulb: