WPSE477 Force Sensing Module


Using WPSE477 Force Sensing Resistor module in combination with Arduino Nano 33 BLE.
A0 pin fluctuates within a band of ranges say 50-100, but then shifting to a band of ranges around 200 and back, even with no load to the FSR. I read that this may be due to high input impedance. The WPSE477 module documentation does not specify what the on board resistor nor the on board capacitor is. Neither does it specify what the actual FSR is. Is there any documentation/specification to that. Can the sensor be purchased separately to rule out the high impedance factor? Or another FSR with similar specs (100g - 500g force)

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Hello @smasyn,

The FSR senor used on WPSE477 module is 500g version.
The datasheet is now added on the product page see “downloads”.

See here the Pressusre - Resistance curve:

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