WPS3335 sensor manual

Hello, I’m working on a weather station project with high school students. They bought the BME280/WPSE335 sensor to measure temperature, pressure and humidity but we can’t get it to work with arduino.
I downloaded the BME280- library and opened the “BME280 I2C Test.ino” file as indicated" in the manual to make the sensor work but it does not work: the serial monitor shows signs incomprehensible when you make it work.Moreover the sensor contains the pins SCL,SDA,CSB and SDO whereas the program only uses the pins SDA and SCK (which I supposed to play the same role as SCL).
Can you help us ? The students lost a lot of time in their project because we couldn’t use this sensor.

Hello @Chabert ,

Fot the WPSE335, it’s better to use the Sparkfun BME280 library:

For testing the module got to File > Examples > SparkFun BME280 > Example1_BasicReadings

Hardware connections are:

BME280 → Arduino
VCC → 3.3 Attention: do not connect to 5V => this will damage the sensor
SDA (= SDI) → A4
SCL (= SCK) → A5

SCL & SDA are the I2C data lines.

SDO & CSB not used in the demo sketch, these are for SPI bus communication.

In the Sketch the Baud rate is set as: 115200. Set this speed 115200 also in the Serial Monitor.
If the baud rate is not set onto differnet speed number, the serial monitor shows unknow signs.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support