Wodden Vertex mod

So thanks to the help of svdv, i was able to order wooden pannels for my vertex!
Below are some images of the case, i will be updating this post while progress is made.

(You can download the files from his post “Vertex XL”)

[color=#0000FF]After 2 coatings of lacquer:[/color]

[color=#FF0000]More coming soon![/color]

Looking great Jake :slight_smile:

Looks stunning!

Is that the same size as the stock K8400?
It does look good

[quote=“Wrong Way”]Is that the same size as the stock K8400?
It does look good[/quote]

Yeah it’s the same as stock, i am curretly lacquering the pannels.
So they will have a darker look with increased strength.

How’s strength compared to the acrylic?

You can expect the same i guess, wood is a little softer but nothing that would be an issue. Like i said im currently glazing it in 2 layers of lacquer, making it stiffer and more tolerant to moisture. I will have more pics up in a few days when its dry.

Looks great.
Any other reason other than pure looks to do this mod ?

[quote=“Alfred”]Looks great.
Any other reason other than pure looks to do this mod ?[/quote]

Sure, this wont happen:

And its 99% done!
(Better pics coming soon)

Looks awesome!

How much did the laser cutting cost?

Since you have had awhile to run it does it still make as much noise as the plastic case?

[quote=“8400”]Looks awesome!

How much did the laser cutting cost?[/quote]

It costed me around 600 Danish krone

Pretty much, the door helps a little but only takes around 5% of the sound.

600 Danish, sounds reasonable. What is the material/wood called (more exactly)

More pics! :slight_smile:

It is 4 mm MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard). Tough material but with a rather soft surface. So you must use a washer between every bolt or nut!

as i see the picture of the damaged plastic-part: you overtighten the screws a lot !
If you screw down with sense, this never happens. (Velleman should write the correct torque in the manual ! )

As an engineer i can tell you, wood (and MDF is fine filament of wood) is the worse construct-material: your screwed joint will last less, the prolongation of wood depending on moisture of ambient air is multiple than dilatation of this plastics, and the vibration characteristics of wood will lead you to build a resonation-corpus that amplifies any noise (like an acustic guitar, wich sounds better of course ;-)) , even if you paint it, the necessary oil and grease will find its way inside, with time the MDF will become a soft sponge, and so on …

and i also want to say: it looks very good !


I think it won’t get that far. I made my Vertex XL out of the same MDF months ago and it works fine. There’s no screwed joint in this printer. Everything is fastened by clamping with bolts and nuts and like I said, if you use washers, there’s no problem. The noise is the same and I don’t understand how oil or grease could get on the mdf. On my printer, this does not happen.

for example, you have to lubricate your rods, and sooner or later you have to grease the ends of all the rods (please see thread “solution of moving rods”), where the ball-bearings are mounted directly then in the wood.

i played all my live with model airplanes, working a lot with wood and i build me a biplane for flying in person: it is only a question of time till you get a problem with wood and oil.