Wiring the Vma431 electromagnet

Hi, can you explain the wiring of the vma431, thanks


You can find the instructions in this link.

I always have the instructions, but I want to know, the wiring, please,

If you are going to use the sketch in the instructions
VCC ==> 5volts
GND ==> Ground
Sig ==> 0

Thanks Wrong_way, can you explain NC pin ?
NC ==> ?

NC= No Connection.
Hope that helps.

Is the polarity changable? Can I reverse magnetic north vs. south by reversing the voltage?

Hello @seandoyle,

It can’t be done via reversing the voltage on the VMA431 module.

But if you interchange the bleu wires of the electromagnet than can you change the polarity.

This can be changed via H-bridge aslo, see this topic on forum researchgate.net: How to make an electromagnet that changes its polarity after a fixed interval of time? (researchgate.net).

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