Wiring a Bulldog XL

Hello again,

I am building a quick swap for my extruders. It is a hard way to say that I am adding connectors near the extruder, in order to detach it in a few minutes without soldering.

The reason is that the velleman k8200 stock extruder is good with ABS and PLA, but not with others. Another reason is that my first extruder stopped working after some abs - pla cicles.
To solve my problems I have decided to get a bulldog XL, but sadly the only hot end I could get was a magma. This hot end has problems with PLA, so it is perfect for my needs! I will print PLA with the stock extruder and other filament with the bulldog XL.

I have soldered some connectors to the stock extruder and tested out: it was working normally. I have checked the wire couples with a multimeter discovering that:

first couple: GREEN (?) - BLACK (?)
second couple: BLUE (?) - RED (?)

On my Bulldog XL I have the following couples:

first: RED (A+) - BROWN (A-)
second: YELLOW (B+) - BLUE (B-)

I have then connected the bulldog XL as following:
BLUE (B-) -> RED

The bulldog was’t moving, so I decided to connect again the stock extruder: no movement either. To be sure I plugged the extruder connector into the Z axis plug (on the board) and the extruder started to move again.

I guess that the wiring of the bulldog is incorrect, but I have absolutely no idea on how to connect it, since I couldn’t find any useful information. All I have are the couples of the two motors and a label for each wire of the bulldog xl A+, A-, B+, B-.

Anyone that could give me some hints?

thank you

To find out the couples you can connect a led to 2 wires and then turn the motor by hand.
If it blinks you have found a pair.

On The PCB the 2 leftmost and 2 rightmost pins of the respective connector are pairs.

Should be easy to proof.

If you connect the paired wires correctly the motor should turn in the right direction.
If it doesn’t, simply exchange the pairs.

Your wiring seems correct. I have the same in my documentation but I don’t have tried it yet.

I am stupid.

I am stupid.

I am stupid and sorry to have wasted your time.

The only two positive things in my mistake is that I found a german site with the correct wiring AND I have a spare motor driver circuit.

In fact the wiring could have been correct i my way too but I changed it yesterday and I don’t want to test my old wiring setup.

[color=#0000FF]Blue[/color] -> [color=#BF0000]Red[/color]
Black -> [color=#FFBF00]Yellow[/color]
[color=#FF0000]Red[/color] -> [color=#800000]Brown[/color]
[color=#004000]Green[/color] -> [color=#0000FF]Blue[/color]

So, why I had problems with my setup? Why both of my extruders failed? Simply because I am stupid (one more time) and I HAVEN’T HEATED MY NOZZLE.

I hope you will forgive me.
See ya!

Hey! Nice to hear it works now!

and :

Shit happens! :wink:

I wouldn’t say stupid.
I would say learning
And because of this the rest of us know.
Thanks for the effort and information

We all learn for our life long …

And to say it with Adam Savage :

Failure is ALWAYS an option! :wink:

Kind of off subject.

They have Mythbusters in Germany?
Way to cool!!

Sure, its even translated to german! :wink:

But for my part iprefer the US original sound…
The translation sometimes ruins the gags :wink: