Windows 7 PCSU1000 freezing

On to the next problem.

Windows 7 64 Bit with a PCSU1000 running with 2 probes and 10x settings.

I’m trying to view to signals. It seems to run for a few minutes and then it stops receiving the trigger from CH 1 (or 2). I am using DC coupling.

Then, it freezes and I have to kill the application, unplug the scope and then restart.

This is with the latest driver version and v3.1 of the scope software.

Any ideas?


This is very strange problem.
Sorry - I have no experience of this type of problem.
Maybe it has something to do with the x64 operating system.

Does it occur only if the triggering is on but not in the free run mode?
Can you use the single shot mode if the triggering is on and repeat several times?

To improve the compatibility with 64 bit operating systems a 32 bit timer (FASTTime32.dll) is no longer used by the PCSU1000 oscilloscope software.
Here a link to download the modified software to install: …