Will not start printing!

Hello there!
My k8200 has been standing unused for a month or so.
and now when i try to use it, it takes forever to start printing.

after temperatures are reached it goes to home position and then it just doesn´t start printing, last print i tried to do it took a good 15 minutes before it left the home position!
the extruder was to far from the bed so i had to recallibrate and start over!
now i´ve been waiting for 10 minutes again and it hasn´t started yet!

what could cause this problem? any ideas on how to fix it?
please help me :frowning:

Hello, Alloca.

I assume you do not have correct PID settings for your hotend/heatbed, so your temperature bounces up and down in high intervals, whereas your thermistor can not catch the correct temperature to start the print. If you gave me graph of your temperature readings, it would be easier to say, if I am correct.
Run a PID autotune for your hotend by sending this lince of G code, when your hotend is cold:

M303 E0 S200 C8

This will heat your hotend to 200 degrees for 8 times and it will give you PID values for Ki, Kp, Kd.
Store these values in your EEPROM or configuration.h file.

Hope this helps

I think Linas_capas is right.
Maybe you want to look at this: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=13268

Many thx to you guys!
after PID autotune everything works perfect!

From fluctuating about 20+ and 20- from set temp it nows flucts around -0,5 +0,5

Did that fix the problem?

Yes it solved the problem.
Pid autotune and pid max to 220 instead of 255.