Wich driver after many upgrade


I have a K8200 printer and it works just fine. But I have now done a number of updates. 1 upgrade of the Z-axis K8204, 2 extruder upgrade K8203 and finally the bed upgrade K8206 to 20x20x40 cm. Now my question, which drivers / firmware can I use now best after all these updates? Here on the forum and on the website of Velleman I see many updates of drivers and firmware but not where these 3 updates are incorporated. Can you help me with the right drivers / firmware? Maybe useful tips? Thanks in advance.

For the 8203/8204 combination, you can find the firmware on the Velleman website. For the 8206, you don’t need any new firmware, just change the setting of the size of the new print area (400x200x200mm) in the Repetier settings, as described in the 8206 documentation. This is what I did with the 8203/4/6 combination, and all worked fine.

Saying this, I later added a second direct drive extruder, and two MK3 heatbeds (to heat an area of 400x200mm). For this I needed to replace the Velleman controller with an new Arduino and a Ramps 1.4 board, and then decided to use the latest Marlin software, for which I had to build the configuration files myself, using the excellent guide made by @Dr_Vegetable (chapeau and thank you) on this topic.

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I think you will need to install the firmware and ini files for the K8203 and the K8204 and manually make the changes for the K8206

Indeed, as well described in the brief K8206 assembly guide

Thank you for the answers, tomorrow I will update the printer and fine-tune it. If I had one question, I recommend the manual version rehearsal v.0.84, is this still in effect, or can one also install the latest version, what is recommended? Are there experiences with the latest versions of Repetier?

With the K8203 you will need to use a different ini file you might try going to a higher version of Repetier.

Okay, thank you.

Now I have the k8203 installed, put together went fine.
The correct firmware has also been installed, working with Repieter-Host V0.90c Slic3r V 0.9.9.

Now I have a problem, if in a rehearsal host the extruder wants to go to the 190 temp, he starts smoking at 110 degrees. He even begins to melt when I let him go and he comes loose, what can be at hand here?

The new motor drivers is installed and is 0.90volt

Then a small question, dry printing is that he does the way without using the exteruder? This is because nothing happens during dry printing.

Hope for an answer.


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