Why is it everything locked

It seems not longer possible impossible to react at this forum. When I am logged in everything is locked.

You cannot post new topics in this forum
You cannot reply to topics in this forum
You cannot edit your posts in this forum
You cannot delete your posts in this forum

Only here I succeed to upload a message, at least if it works when I hit the submit button.
Is this only my problem or is it a general fenomenon.

All K8400 and WFS210 topics are locked, because these products have not been released yet. But all other topics for existing products are open for questions.

This is what I got after logging in and open an item. It happen at different computers. However when I access the site without logging in I can read everything. And when I questioned for a reply and login afterwards it sometimes works.


you’re in the vertex(K8400) forum which is closed atm, click on the banner on top of the page to go the home page of this forum there you’ll find everything.

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As VEL448 said, these items are locked because they are not available yet.
You can only reply to unlocked items.

Oeps, I see it now.


Hi to all!
I will use the topic to add some questions…I am reading the forum for awhile now and I am definitely buying the kit. But now I saw there is K8400 coming out (November?). Can you give all the users some more technical details? What are there the improvements to K8200? The most common modifications that users from K8200 are making are belt changing, 2nd motor on the Z-Axis, Hotend swap, new PSU to get higher temperatures for the heat bed, flex coupling instead of stock and some others. All things that users say improve the printing quality. There is no manual until now for K8400 and not much info about the build it self…So my question is - to wait and risk with the K8400 if some issues come out, or take the K8200 with all the problems known and work through? I want to use the printer mainly for printing non existing LEGO parts…

Thank you in advance!


The wait will be worth it for the vertex( http://www.vertex3dprinter.eu ). Its just amazing, the print quality is realy good. we’ve printed things here you simply couldnt do with the K8200. The build will be easier and NO soldering is required and of top of all the price will be similar to the K8200. You can find the specs in the official website linked above or on our main website https://www.velleman.eu/products/view/?id=417866

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Thank you for the quick response…but there is no info regardless the questions that I asked…well I guess this will come later, so now the biggest question is- when will be the printer available in Germany?

Well i answered your question about the specs of the new printer and which 3D printer you should use.

Oops missed that one :slight_smile: ,all i can say that Z-axis upgrade is coming(velleman.eu/products/view/?id=420348)
and also new finer head with direct drive extruder is coming.

We will try to get the printer on the market before the end of this year. Regardless of which country you live in.

I hope i answered all you questions, if i still missed one please feel free to ask them again.

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I will use the same thread to ask, where can I order the printer in Germany? K8200 was available in Conrad Electronics, but not the K8400…also I want to order it direct with the second extruder. What will be the end price? Thanks in advance!

Have a look here =>http://www.vertex3dprinter.eu/pos/
A second extruder isn’t available yet. No price is available either

Please turn to a Velleman distributor for commercial issues such as pricing and availability.

I sent a request almost 2 weeks ago but still no answer…

Look here :

elv.de/velleman-3d-drucker-v … usatz.html

or here :

reichelt.de/3D-Drucker/VERTE … ANGUAGE=EN

Google is your friend :wink:

Danke! :slight_smile: