White Noise Generator

I would like to find the signal generator that could provide white noise function.

Do you have any product as I want or do you have any suggestion to me to solve this problem?

The PCGU1000 can produce wide band (white) noise.

The frequency that I want is around 300 Hz.

Could you explain how to generate white noise by PCGU1000?

It is easy:
Just click button “More Functions” and then select “Noise”.
Adjust noise amplitude Vpp.
The noise spectrum is flat up to 25MHz.
The amplitude of the noise signal is Gaussian distributed.

Just wondering would this need to connected to an amplifier or can the PCGU1000 drive a speaker?

Connecting to an amplifier.

How could I know that noise that you mentioned is white noise, not pink noise or others?

Connecting to an amplifier.

The spectrum of the PCGU1000 generated noise is flat.
This kind of noise is called white noise.