Which compliant power supply (resolved)


I’ve just bought EDU06 and I didn’t care of the power supply (in fact I didn’t see that an VAC was needed!).

As I had a 230VAC/12VAC power supply and as I saw that EDU06 requested 9VAC/12VAC I thought to use it but before to plug it I checked and found 15.3 VAC for the output!

I tried then to find the adaptor mentionned into the notice but seems that this is not longer sold!

Firstly, I think that the noticve should be modified the notice accordingly and, maybe, to give some consistent example of adaptor type to be used!

Secondly, I’d like to have your opinion and know if following apteur would be compliant with EDU06 (seen in Conrad site):
[list=]Gerth PTF420901
Block VB 2,0/2/9[/list]

Thanks in advance if you can answer


We can not sell AC adapters anymore due to legal reasons.
You probably will not find any AC-AC adapter in Europe.

What you can maybe use is a bell transformer.
Something like this:


My first try has been with this type of transformer noted as 12vac but delivring 15vac in fact.

I finally find one in a music store. Seems that this type of transformer is uusal for electrical guitar and so on